Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bitten by the Beast

insert creative way to say "hey family and friends"

IM 5 MONTHS OLD TODAY. Whoever said 18 months is a long time lied straight up because this is going so fast. too fast. Ill be home in a year and a few weeks, HOLY COW

Insert here a funny transition to tell y'all about my week

I heard myself speaking Portuguese in a video this week and realized "wait i kind of sounf competent??" so I dont know when that happened but i aint complaining. This man yesterday thought I was from Brazil too, so VICTORY! Also funfact theres alot of germans that immigrated here so a large amount of these "brazilians" actually just look like tanner americans haha.

I got news this week that one of my investigators I had taught for 3 months back in Parque Pinheiro was baptized last saturday! Victoryyyyyyyyyyy. Some missionaries get so protective and competitive with baptisms, and "their" baptisms, and im like "dude chill, its not your baptism, or their baptism, its a soul coming unto christ". So yay for Tatiana in Parque Pinheiro! (the mom of that little baby with bright blue eyes that i adopted)

A member has an avocado tree in their backyard, and we basically did it like a pinata with metal poles trying to hit them down and we ended up taking up a giant bag and i was SO HAPPY.
also theres lots of orange trees along the streets and when were hungry during the day we just pick one and eat it so thats pretty cool amiright?

its especially cool because we are so poor here, haha our mission has the lowest weekly allowance of all the missions in brazil, and i asked brazilians if thats because the food is cheaper here, and they were like "HA no the food here is WAY more expensive" so like WHAT. We get equal to 80 dollas a month for everything

We have an investigator and hes freaking adorable, and his name is Victor and hes 11 and his grandparents are members and hes going to get baptized on the 16th! So you guys will get to see pictures of how freaking precious he is in a few weeks :)

Ok so heres the thing, I love dogs. and Sister Condena doesnt. So this week we were leaving a house and there was this freaking cute little dog, and Sister was like "yo dog stay away from me" and i was like "no sister, dont be afraid, look at him, hes so cute--" AND THEN THE BEAST BIT MY FINGER. WTH. LIKE I JUST CALLED YOU CUTE AND I TRUSTED YOU AND EVERYTHING. Hahahaha so it actually really hurt but dont worry, i dont have rabies, I cleaned it really well and bandaged it and its all healed now. Like, it didnt hurt that much physically, but emotionally.........................yeah it hurt.
(side note: i already know what my mom is thinking. yes momma, im a big duncecap. Ill never reach down to touch a dog again)

OK so now to the good stuff: General Conference was amazing this weekend. Its almost better than christmas. I learned so much, got so much inspiration for myself and my investigators! I want everyone to watch the talk my President Uchtdorf again, and apply it in your own life. There is no destruction too great, no problem too overwhelming, no mistake so devestating, that it cannot be cured by our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the good shepard. He knows his sheep, and loves them so much, he gave his life to save them. I love my Savior and I love this church and i LOVE being a missionary!

ate mais a gente,
Sister Lipps :) 

K dont have time to explain the pictures but just figure it out, k? ;)

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