Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I forgot about Easter...

whats good.

yeah on friday I was like "wait sister condena when is easter?". YEAH for those of you in my same boat, it was yesterday. WHOOPS. Holidays almost dont exist when youre a missionary.

So hey this week we got to start all over again and it was really hard. I dont even know what our zone leaders had been doing for the past 2 months in our area, because we inheirited approx. ZERO investigators.....................#COOL

I started teaching Sister Condena english this week... highlights include "Holy Cow" and "WHAT THE HECK DUDE" hahahaha its great

I ate peanut butter at a members house, that they inheirited from another american missionary that gifted it to them i was like "you guys dont even know how much this means to me". It was the best 15 minutes of my week.

The flowers here are beautiful. I pick at least 3 every day. #HAPPYEM

So this week was cold and rainy all week, so pretty tough to find people, but also its not even winter yet and im freezing so IM A DEAD MAN WHEN WINTER GETS HERE. 

And my computer just flipped a brick and undid everything i typed and all the pictures i attached and my time is up but everyone watch general conference this weekend and pray i dont "office space" this computer in this internet cafe :-)
Love, Sister Lipps

Monday, March 21, 2016




so lets get to it huh

Monday was my last day in my precious parque pinheiro, OH GUYS it was a tough goodbye. We had a family home evening that night with basically all my favorite people, members and investigators, and it was such a blast. We gave a killer lesson about spending time together with your families, and we all told family stories, and then we played games and ate chocolate. And then it was approaching the hour to leave and everyone was lile "NO ONE IS GONNA CRY, OKAY?" and then we cried anyways and took pictures and I made promisses to come back with a cute husband in a few years. 

SO, Tuesday night, after a 3 hour bus ride ALONE, I arrived in sao Gabriel, the area Bom Fim. My comp, sister condena, is precious from peru and Im already learning SO much from her. We are opening the area here, which means that we're both new, and before our area was a part of the elders, but the hardly worked here because its so big, and its still huge, but we arrived without knowing anyone or where to go and without any investigators. SO basically we had to start completly from scratch, so that was interesting....but we had already some little miracles in finding people to teach, that seemed like destiny, like they were waiting for us! 

Thursday we had our mission confernece, so all the missionaries in our half of the mission gathered together for a big spiritual party/training. So that was a good time! And I learned so much! And I love when I get to see Sister Parrela, the president's wife, because she always says "OI SISTER LIPPS OH YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND PRETTY AND PERFECT AND WILL ALWAYS BE PRETTY AND PERFECT IN WHATEVER AREA YOURE IN" Not even exaggerating.....haha I flippin love her. 

The Elders in our district our a freaking HOOT. Ha they crack me up with their stories. My zone leader told us THE FUNNIEST story about when he was a newbie on the mission and him and his trainer accidently ate a dessert with wine in it, and they had like 6 servings because they didnt know and it was good, and then had to call presidente parrela and drunkingly explain what happened, begging not to go home because they broke the word of wisdom. OH A GENTE, I ABOUT DIED LAUGHING.

Lols tried to do a contact this week with a lady, but she just tried to convince us to take her cat she found on the side of the road................yeah we didnt get her address...................but sister condena literally almost took the cat................I was like "Uh sister wth are we going to do with a cat???"

OKAY SO SUNDAY MORNING GETS HERE, And were walking to go wake up an investigator for church and PRESIDENTE PARRELA CALLS. SO obvi we were lilke "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap buckets what did we do". he tells us that, although we just got to know this new area, HES SWITCHING US TO THE AREA OF THE ELDERS. WHAT. SO STARTING THIS WEEK, WE HAVE TO LEAVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WE JUST MET AND START OVER. AGAIN. Oh you guys. We about flipped a brick. so thats the story of how we opened two areas in one transfer. Esta louca cara.

NEWS FLASH, I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. Seriously, ive grown to love reading, really feasting on the works of that book. SO EVERYONE READ IT, OKAY? ;)





1. Sister Macedo, my hispanic soul sister from the ctm (SIDE NOTE: I AM REALLY WHITE LOLS)
2. My new zone here and my comp! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Wuddup I got transferred.
10 reais to anyone that wants to come pack for me. Because I dont hate many things, but I think i hate packing.
Ok so basically Ive been such a stress case about transfers, which will take place tomorrow, that I didnt have time to think about what I wanted to say in this email so, This is my apology in advance hahaha.
SO, yeah im leaving Parque Pinheiro amanha, and im going to Sao Gabriel! Half of me was praying I wouldnt be transferred because I love the people here and I suck at goodbyes (translation: I just cry too much and make people feel uncomfortable when I say goodbye),but half of me was hoping I would go because this companionship as been pretty pretty tough. Its a weird thing to spend 6 weeks with only one other person, living, sleeping, eating, you basically only have them to talk to 24/7. When youre companions with your soulmate (Sister Mcknight), it rocks. But when you and your comp arent friends and she doesnt like you or want to talk, its a tough situation. My new companion is another unnaturally short Peruvian hahaha so we'll see how this one goes!
Caixa Postal 40
Centro- Sao Gabriel- RS
If you sent something to the other address already, dont fret, my child, it'll get passed to me eventually!
Ok what even happened this week..............................
My mind is at a blank haha sorry.
Any RM's have good ideas for Family Home Evenings? fun games, interactive lessons?
I want everyone to read the Ponderize talk from the last conference and choose a scripture to ponderize and then email me :)

The infamous crazy family with the ex-voodoo dad. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
Me and my child. SURPRISE! ITS A BOY! (dont freak out, President authorized the sisters to hold babies haha)
Us with our bishop, Bruno (who got his mission call to AFRICA this week), and Felipe!
We went to their house one night, and Tales had made himself a missionary nametag, and before his sister said the opening prayer, he said "BE SURE TO PRAY THAT I CAN BE AN ELDER ONE TODAY"

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm betrothed to an 80 year old man

Happy 4 months to me! I finish my training this week, and everyone keeps trying to freak me out telling me that im going to train this next transfer HA IM SCARED GUYS. but we'll see. Being a new missionary is like Manny from diary of a wimpy kid when he does bad things and then says "Im only 3" because i dont know what im doing still. Im only 4 months. 

Ok my subject line was kind of dramatic. Im just trying to catch attention, pull in more readers, using that rhetoric I learned in my AP Lang class. The story is that we met this 80 year old man, literally so precious, and the first lesson with him, he cried because he was talking about how lonely he's been since his wife passed away, so DUH i cried because Im emotional like that, and then at the end of our lesson I told him I liked the roses in his front yard, and then he got out some shears and gave me some and it was the sweetest. (And i went home and arranged them in a bowl and felt so at peace with my life. If i was a mission president, I would work in 30 minutes every day to arrange flowers because I love it so much and is the best destressor.)
So anyways, our next lesson he asked us if we could arrange him a new wife hahahahhaha. Love him. 

SURPRISE WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK. I didnt wanna tell yall last week because I did that once and I think I jinxed it. Laisla, the 12 year old that looks and acts like shes 18 haha. But yeah basically everything went perfect, and we all bore our testimonies at the end and the spirit was SO strong. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. FO REAL. OH and guess who baptized her??? FELIPE. MY NOW ACTIVE LESS ACTIVE THAT IS WORKING ON HIS MISSION PAPERS AND ALSO NOW OUR WARD MISSION LEADER. AH, so many good things. 

My english is awful. I can write and think it english, but coming from my lips, just doesnt work. I was practicing with a Brazilian Elder because hes learning, and hes actually really really good, but yeah its bad. 

It got cold this week! So I guess thats eventful huh

ADVICE REQUESTED: How do I coordinate lessons and lunches and everything with all our investigators and members when they are never home and we dont have time to check every hour to walk by their house and we only get 100 minutes per month on our cell phone. HOW. 3 minutes a day is NOT ENOUGH. Its been stressin me all week 

We went last night to the house of the family that I talked about last week, that is literally always fighting, and found the 10 year old brother locked in a room tied up with his clothes. WHAT. It took 10 minutes before we finally got his older sisters to spill who did it. We were trying to teach, yeah know, but the spirit was just not there so we were about to leave, but I finally convinced them all to come into the same room to say a prayer, and i went to go get the 10 year old from his room, because he was in there crying, and I saw that he had made an envelope and decorated it and put it on his wall that said "Envelope for letters from Sister Lipps" (last week I wrote them all little notes) and my heart exploded and all the impatience left me and I knew that there was no way I could abandon this family or these kids or let Satan get the best of them. So we each went around in a circle, kneeling in their front room, and said a prayer. And it was still kind of tense between siblings but really guys, prayer works wonders. 

My challenge this week is that everyone says their prayers as a family EVERY NIGHT before going to bed. And EVERY MONDAY has a family home evening. It seems like something so little, that we dont realize how big of a difference it makes. 

Outro Estudo Adicional:
Alma 36
The introduction of the Book of Mormon :)

Sister Lipps 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Outro - M83

Sup peeps,
The subject line of this email is because this song has been stuck in my head ALL week. Sorry it's not MoTab #badmissionary. But on the real I dont even feel bad because that song is ridiculously good so everyone's homework today is to go listen to it for me :)
This week improved! Actually as far as the work goes, its still been sand paper rough, but Im growing so much here personally. Ive been really striving to focus more on who I am and how I react to things, because I cant always influence what others do, but I can change my reaction!
HAHAHA ok funny story, we were teaching this lady and her two young sons were running around being crazies while we were talking, and at one point she was like "hold on gurias, BOYS! You guys need to calm down, or Im going to call the police!!" And we were like "wut the heck" and then she laughed and whisper to us "theyre afraid of the polive" hahhaha and then 5 minutes later, when they didnt chill, she picked up her phone and started talking loudly, "Hey is this the police station? they didnt great theyll be waiting out front for you guys to pick them up" and then yelled at her sons to go wait out front and then they sat outside and cried HAHAHAHA you guys it was awful. AWFULLY FUNNY. Oh, I about died. Pobrezinhos.
Ive been working alot to strengthen our companionship and love her more and not start arguments or let her start arguments over stupid things. HAHA MOM DAD its like that episode of The Middle when Frankie says over and over at all the little things "EH, not its not worth the fight". Thats me this week over the little things that drive me nuts haha.
Y'all remember the picture I sent of Me and Sister Chaves and the less active guy we reactivated. Yeah so his name is Felipe, we found him and started teaching him the first week of January to help him come back to church. THIS WEEK HE OPENED HIS MISSION PAPERS. Boom shakalaka. I was so happy. Yesterday we were talking about it and he was like "You know that you and sister chaves are the reason I came back and am going to serve a missin now, right?" And i was like "Stop, this is too too tender". I love being a missionary guys.
My challenge for you guys this week is related to an experience we had with a family. Theyre crazy, as in the kids, teenagers, are always bickering or physically fighting with eachother during our lessons. Yesterday one of them, Taiane, (she just turned 16, and has 2 kids. a 1 year old and a 3 year old. CRAZY PPL. But she is so strong, and so has the desire to change her life) forced every one to give eachother hugs and say nice things, and it wasnt easy. HA she literally followed them oustide when they tried to run away because they didnt want to do it, and dragged them inside by the arms and yelled "TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM AND YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT THE SISTERS AND JESUS HAVE DONE FOR OUR FAMILY". Even I was scared. It was awesome. Theyre making progress.
But, in conclusion, love your families people! Spend time with them! Hug them! No matter what!
Read the talk "Good Better Best" BY Elder Oaks, and then Moroni 7:47-48. OKAY?

Sister Lipps
1. birthday party for our investigator, Eva! We made that cake sitting on the table, and it was freaking good.
2. Just a few of the little girls (gurias) that love us. I give them heart stickers and they wear them on their heads lols