Tuesday, January 31, 2017

in 3 months ill tell you guys everything, for now here are some pics

1. district p-day (we didnt have a volleyball so we played dogdeball "quiemada", kill me now)

2. Me and sister santos in my LAST exchange as a Sister Training Leader ever. Haha she is from Salvador, bahia, she is awesome.


one time 4 months ago when i got chased by dogs and ran into mud and sister vera cried laughing and took this pic of me on our phone 

Monday, January 23, 2017

clicks of the week

and i ran out of time to write a life update, but just now that this week was MIRACULOUS and we have a few progressing investigators now, so I know that faith and hardwork pays off!! I feel that im going to transferred in a few weeks, because im started to feel in peace with the work ive done in this area. Only a couple baptisms, and a couple reactivations, but MANY HEARTS TOUCHED, including mine :) 

Have an amazing week y'all, and if you feel more or less, read 2 nephi 2, and you will understand why life is so hard sometimes, okay?

Love, Sister Lipps

ps, we had an improve concert for Sister Vicente's birthday, I wont give all the deets, but its safe to say thay beyonce and tay swift showed up (because she turned 22, duh) and alot of brazilian dancing was involved, hahaha sometimes being a missionary is ridiculously fun too 

1. Sister de oliveira and I with the presidentes wife, sister louza, and elder santos, one of the assistants that saw us going to take a pic and we didnt want to leave him out hahaha
2,3. Me and Sister Da Silvia, from brasilia, and she finishes her mission in 2 weeks!
4. Sister Vicentes 22th birthday!! hahaha we forced her to do her hair like that, we are so cruel
5. Us and Roni, with his "future missionary" tag because he did visits with us all day on sunday! 


Thursday, January 19, 2017

my little update

this week literally flew by, and by "flew" i mean sitting on a bus for almost 20 hours in total haha it was "really cool"

Ok so last week on monday and the whole week, I was actually feeling PRETTY BAD. I was so tired and so scared because I was losing energy and also stressed out with our area and even more worried about the sisters. When we were in Santa Maria on tuesday, and I took advantage and asked one of the assistants to give me a blessing in english. BEST DECISION I COULDVE MADE. The moment I felt his hands on my head, and I heard my full name in perfect english, I felt at home, the my Heavenly Father was with me and all the bad feelings washed away. I got to feel how Id been wanting to feeling for 14 months now: that God is happy with my work, proud of me, and that he will accept my mission at the end of it. WOW it was so amazing, and ever since tuesday, not that it has been "easy", but I now I´m going to make it because I feel that kind of peace we all seek. Peace isnt just sitting in a clean house on your couch, resting. Peace is knowing that you are living in a manner acording to God´s willing. And folks, I think im getting there! 

I love my mission, and I love the people here, even the ones who dont love me, because they let me feel more in Christ's shoes :)

Sister Lipps 

All the sister training leaders! I love them, and learn SO much from them! 
Me and my hot comp on the bus 
ME AND IRMÃO NELSON!! Ugh i cant get enough of him, I already marked a date and hour to skype him when i get home hahaha
ME and Sister Gregatto from São Paulo :)
Me and Sister Miranda from Equador :) 

Monday, January 9, 2017

work hard play hard sleep never

you guys know what it says in d&c 121:43? yeah that described my week.
step 1. seeing problems
step 2. "helping" people recognize and fix their error
step 3. demonstrate love to those people so they dont think you are their enemy
step 4. repeat like 6 times because you serve in uruguaiana, the most infamously problematic zone there is
step 5. end the week 250% tired as heck

hahaha we gave a training in our zone meeting using 1 nephi 4:13, talking about slackers and rule-breakers and now everyone "loves" us more but actually probably respects us more too.

We also had, what i call "sleepover do inferno" (put it in google translate) this week with a few sisters that werent getting along very well, AND we went to help and find out what was wrong, and yeah in short it didnt go very well............but we're trying okay?

in our actual area, not many things are happening. were teaching like 15 new people every week, but none of them have really accepted or shown progress, so its a daily process of finding new people and being obedient and diligent until God puts someone prepared in our path :)

Other significant event of the week:

For the first time in my life, I taught a whole lesson in english! and my companion was an elder because he speaks english too! HA it was the weirdest experience of my life. There was this 20 year old who is learning english and said it would be cool to speak with an american, so the elders called me and we met and took advantage and taught him the restoration in english, which was so STRANGE because i dont even recognize my own voice in english, but also it was really spiritual, and I gained more of a testimony of the restoration, that it doesnt matter how you say it or in what language, what matters is how the spirit makes you feel when you are teaching/being taught.

So, thats all for now folks. In 40 minutes we grab the bus to santa maria, come home tomorrow night, and wednesday morning im going to alegrete for 2 days and ill come back on friday afternoon, so the week will be busy but itll be worth it!

love, Sister Lipps


MY 14 MONTHS! im so old, my body feels like its falling apart.

Exchange with sister fagundes, who is on a mini mission for 6 weeks because she was baptized only 3 months ago!!

Work shoes vs. play shoes

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

i always run out of time on this flipping thing


It has 100% been the most challenging, most rewarding, best year of my life! this year i hit my 14 month mark, which scares me because I dont want this experience to end, but what are ya gonna do?

A short summary of this week, Sister Vera and Sister Gibson left, and we all cried for 10 min together before they got on the bus :( but after, Sister De Oliveira arrived and she is AMAZING! haaaaaaaa we get along SO well, we are never not laughing because we are such funny dorks. She is from São Paulo, and we finish our missions on the same day! She has already taught me SO much about how to set HIGH goals, I feel we are really going to push ourselves to the max in these (probably my last) 6 weeks in Uruguiana!

other cool things:

A guy in a wheelchair that we went to go help in the street, and then we stood up and starting walking haha WHAAAAT he was just trying to play with us to see if we would help ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh que coisa

RONI IS GOING ON A MISSION! (like, in a year from now, but he's already planned out his whole time line. I hope he comes to California so I can make them american dinner)

Still love being a missionary btw.

Sister Lipps

ps dont forget to pray every day, because if you dont that is rude, he's waiting for you 
 sister vera´s farewell :( haha we bawled at the bus station, because in a month she finishes her mission so i may not ever see her again. ugh such angst missions are so sad.

HA but you gotta love this funeral pic, amiright? HAHAHA every time i look at sister gibson's face, i cry. i miss her too tchê

our new years eve at Roni and Miriam´s house :) i was so sweaty you guys TMI but i cant lie it is so hot here imma die

we put on lipstick (sister de oliveiras idea) to watch the fireworks at midnight HAPPY 2017!!
happy birthday to my momma!