Monday, January 9, 2017

work hard play hard sleep never

you guys know what it says in d&c 121:43? yeah that described my week.
step 1. seeing problems
step 2. "helping" people recognize and fix their error
step 3. demonstrate love to those people so they dont think you are their enemy
step 4. repeat like 6 times because you serve in uruguaiana, the most infamously problematic zone there is
step 5. end the week 250% tired as heck

hahaha we gave a training in our zone meeting using 1 nephi 4:13, talking about slackers and rule-breakers and now everyone "loves" us more but actually probably respects us more too.

We also had, what i call "sleepover do inferno" (put it in google translate) this week with a few sisters that werent getting along very well, AND we went to help and find out what was wrong, and yeah in short it didnt go very well............but we're trying okay?

in our actual area, not many things are happening. were teaching like 15 new people every week, but none of them have really accepted or shown progress, so its a daily process of finding new people and being obedient and diligent until God puts someone prepared in our path :)

Other significant event of the week:

For the first time in my life, I taught a whole lesson in english! and my companion was an elder because he speaks english too! HA it was the weirdest experience of my life. There was this 20 year old who is learning english and said it would be cool to speak with an american, so the elders called me and we met and took advantage and taught him the restoration in english, which was so STRANGE because i dont even recognize my own voice in english, but also it was really spiritual, and I gained more of a testimony of the restoration, that it doesnt matter how you say it or in what language, what matters is how the spirit makes you feel when you are teaching/being taught.

So, thats all for now folks. In 40 minutes we grab the bus to santa maria, come home tomorrow night, and wednesday morning im going to alegrete for 2 days and ill come back on friday afternoon, so the week will be busy but itll be worth it!

love, Sister Lipps


MY 14 MONTHS! im so old, my body feels like its falling apart.

Exchange with sister fagundes, who is on a mini mission for 6 weeks because she was baptized only 3 months ago!!

Work shoes vs. play shoes

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  1. Dear Em,
    Love the shoes!
    Sounds like you are changing lives including your own.
    Enjoy, Love & hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis