Monday, January 23, 2017

clicks of the week

and i ran out of time to write a life update, but just now that this week was MIRACULOUS and we have a few progressing investigators now, so I know that faith and hardwork pays off!! I feel that im going to transferred in a few weeks, because im started to feel in peace with the work ive done in this area. Only a couple baptisms, and a couple reactivations, but MANY HEARTS TOUCHED, including mine :) 

Have an amazing week y'all, and if you feel more or less, read 2 nephi 2, and you will understand why life is so hard sometimes, okay?

Love, Sister Lipps

ps, we had an improve concert for Sister Vicente's birthday, I wont give all the deets, but its safe to say thay beyonce and tay swift showed up (because she turned 22, duh) and alot of brazilian dancing was involved, hahaha sometimes being a missionary is ridiculously fun too 

1. Sister de oliveira and I with the presidentes wife, sister louza, and elder santos, one of the assistants that saw us going to take a pic and we didnt want to leave him out hahaha
2,3. Me and Sister Da Silvia, from brasilia, and she finishes her mission in 2 weeks!
4. Sister Vicentes 22th birthday!! hahaha we forced her to do her hair like that, we are so cruel
5. Us and Roni, with his "future missionary" tag because he did visits with us all day on sunday! 


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  1. Dear Em,
    Enjoy the last months of the ride! You will be reliving this for a lifetime!
    Love and Hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis