Monday, March 21, 2016




so lets get to it huh

Monday was my last day in my precious parque pinheiro, OH GUYS it was a tough goodbye. We had a family home evening that night with basically all my favorite people, members and investigators, and it was such a blast. We gave a killer lesson about spending time together with your families, and we all told family stories, and then we played games and ate chocolate. And then it was approaching the hour to leave and everyone was lile "NO ONE IS GONNA CRY, OKAY?" and then we cried anyways and took pictures and I made promisses to come back with a cute husband in a few years. 

SO, Tuesday night, after a 3 hour bus ride ALONE, I arrived in sao Gabriel, the area Bom Fim. My comp, sister condena, is precious from peru and Im already learning SO much from her. We are opening the area here, which means that we're both new, and before our area was a part of the elders, but the hardly worked here because its so big, and its still huge, but we arrived without knowing anyone or where to go and without any investigators. SO basically we had to start completly from scratch, so that was interesting....but we had already some little miracles in finding people to teach, that seemed like destiny, like they were waiting for us! 

Thursday we had our mission confernece, so all the missionaries in our half of the mission gathered together for a big spiritual party/training. So that was a good time! And I learned so much! And I love when I get to see Sister Parrela, the president's wife, because she always says "OI SISTER LIPPS OH YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND PRETTY AND PERFECT AND WILL ALWAYS BE PRETTY AND PERFECT IN WHATEVER AREA YOURE IN" Not even exaggerating.....haha I flippin love her. 

The Elders in our district our a freaking HOOT. Ha they crack me up with their stories. My zone leader told us THE FUNNIEST story about when he was a newbie on the mission and him and his trainer accidently ate a dessert with wine in it, and they had like 6 servings because they didnt know and it was good, and then had to call presidente parrela and drunkingly explain what happened, begging not to go home because they broke the word of wisdom. OH A GENTE, I ABOUT DIED LAUGHING.

Lols tried to do a contact this week with a lady, but she just tried to convince us to take her cat she found on the side of the road................yeah we didnt get her address...................but sister condena literally almost took the cat................I was like "Uh sister wth are we going to do with a cat???"

OKAY SO SUNDAY MORNING GETS HERE, And were walking to go wake up an investigator for church and PRESIDENTE PARRELA CALLS. SO obvi we were lilke "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap buckets what did we do". he tells us that, although we just got to know this new area, HES SWITCHING US TO THE AREA OF THE ELDERS. WHAT. SO STARTING THIS WEEK, WE HAVE TO LEAVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WE JUST MET AND START OVER. AGAIN. Oh you guys. We about flipped a brick. so thats the story of how we opened two areas in one transfer. Esta louca cara.

NEWS FLASH, I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. Seriously, ive grown to love reading, really feasting on the works of that book. SO EVERYONE READ IT, OKAY? ;)





1. Sister Macedo, my hispanic soul sister from the ctm (SIDE NOTE: I AM REALLY WHITE LOLS)
2. My new zone here and my comp! 

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  1. Dear Em,
    To whom is chosen, much is expected so you must have what it takes for the
    job. Wishing you fun, love and good friends!
    Love & hugs, Grandpa & Phyllis