Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Outro - M83

Sup peeps,
The subject line of this email is because this song has been stuck in my head ALL week. Sorry it's not MoTab #badmissionary. But on the real I dont even feel bad because that song is ridiculously good so everyone's homework today is to go listen to it for me :)
This week improved! Actually as far as the work goes, its still been sand paper rough, but Im growing so much here personally. Ive been really striving to focus more on who I am and how I react to things, because I cant always influence what others do, but I can change my reaction!
HAHAHA ok funny story, we were teaching this lady and her two young sons were running around being crazies while we were talking, and at one point she was like "hold on gurias, BOYS! You guys need to calm down, or Im going to call the police!!" And we were like "wut the heck" and then she laughed and whisper to us "theyre afraid of the polive" hahhaha and then 5 minutes later, when they didnt chill, she picked up her phone and started talking loudly, "Hey is this the police station? they didnt great theyll be waiting out front for you guys to pick them up" and then yelled at her sons to go wait out front and then they sat outside and cried HAHAHAHA you guys it was awful. AWFULLY FUNNY. Oh, I about died. Pobrezinhos.
Ive been working alot to strengthen our companionship and love her more and not start arguments or let her start arguments over stupid things. HAHA MOM DAD its like that episode of The Middle when Frankie says over and over at all the little things "EH, not its not worth the fight". Thats me this week over the little things that drive me nuts haha.
Y'all remember the picture I sent of Me and Sister Chaves and the less active guy we reactivated. Yeah so his name is Felipe, we found him and started teaching him the first week of January to help him come back to church. THIS WEEK HE OPENED HIS MISSION PAPERS. Boom shakalaka. I was so happy. Yesterday we were talking about it and he was like "You know that you and sister chaves are the reason I came back and am going to serve a missin now, right?" And i was like "Stop, this is too too tender". I love being a missionary guys.
My challenge for you guys this week is related to an experience we had with a family. Theyre crazy, as in the kids, teenagers, are always bickering or physically fighting with eachother during our lessons. Yesterday one of them, Taiane, (she just turned 16, and has 2 kids. a 1 year old and a 3 year old. CRAZY PPL. But she is so strong, and so has the desire to change her life) forced every one to give eachother hugs and say nice things, and it wasnt easy. HA she literally followed them oustide when they tried to run away because they didnt want to do it, and dragged them inside by the arms and yelled "TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM AND YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT THE SISTERS AND JESUS HAVE DONE FOR OUR FAMILY". Even I was scared. It was awesome. Theyre making progress.
But, in conclusion, love your families people! Spend time with them! Hug them! No matter what!
Read the talk "Good Better Best" BY Elder Oaks, and then Moroni 7:47-48. OKAY?

Sister Lipps
1. birthday party for our investigator, Eva! We made that cake sitting on the table, and it was freaking good.
2. Just a few of the little girls (gurias) that love us. I give them heart stickers and they wear them on their heads lols

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