Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Of Rainy Days and Rejections

OH YOU GUYS, this week tested me hard. It seems like everything that couldve gone wrong basically happened, WOO HOO WHAT A WEEK. A summary of the highlights (lowlights):

One day we walked around lost in the area of the elders in our ward for an HOUR, in the 100 degree sun, looking for the house of the member of our lunch appointment. When we finally got there, no one was home. HA. I almost flipped a brick. Oh joy.

We had 4 days that started out over 100 degrees, so we prepared for hot weather, and then halfway through started STORMING. Like, hard. Soaked, down to everything we were wearing within 30 seconds, even with an umbrella because of the wind coming at ya from the side. HA one day we didnt bring an umbrella (actually, every day sister Saavedra didnt bring an umbrella *sighs to not flip a brick*), so we borrowed one from our investigators and it broke in 90 seconds because of the wind. I also learned that sister saavedra screams when she is cold and gets rained on. Oh joy.

Our baptism didnt happen. I dont know what happened. He went out of town and we havent been able to talk to him all week. UGH

47549 people broke up with us this week, or rejected us when we were doing a contact. I wanted to take off my shoe and throw it at them and say "YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU JUST TURNED DOWN YA BIG DUMMY" But that would not be very christ-like of me. So I kept quiet.

Sister Saavedra literally walks SO slow. And i know its not a big thing, but it drives me crazy. Especailly when we are late to things and I swear she walks even slower. DEEP BREATHS  SISTER LIPPS, DEEP BREATHS.

The one good thing that happened this week was that this 6 year old girl told me that Im pretty. I just gotta take what I can get.

Everyone's homework for the week is to read the poem "The Race" by D.H. Groberg. I read it probably over 10 times this week, and I think it was the only thing that kept me walking. It really doesnt matter how many times we fall, or how hard, or in front of whom we fall, as long as EVERY time we do, we get back up, we win OUR race. We get back up because we receive strength from Christ, or savior. We get back up because God loves us, he only gives us what he knows we can handle, and he will extend his hand to us, to pull us through the storm (the literally storm I walked through this week). Eu testifico a voces que Deus vive, ele nos ama, que ele nos deu Seu filho, para que possamos voltar a viver com ele e com nossas families para sempre. Convido voces a reconhecer as forças que recebemos dele todos os dias. Eu amo todos voces, e eu quero que voes tenham esperança em suas vidas, a esperança que vem de Cristo.

Com Amor,
Sister Lipps 

1. Two very wet Sisters standing in the kitchen we flooded because we left the window open in the morning. Lols
2. Bouta be tri-lingual people. Got my hands on Spanish pamphlets and a Book of Mormon! 

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