Monday, February 8, 2016


Happy 3 months to me!

This week, as I was standing in our kitchen eating brazilian candy, I had the realization "I only have 15 more months to eat this Brazilian candy" And I got really sad about that. So I guess that shows ya where my priorities are at. Formal apology to my sister Eliza, who wanted me to bring home all my clothes so she can have them. I decided this week Im leaving all my clothes here so that I can fill my suitcase with FOOD. While I'm already on the subject, the food here is FREAKING BOMB. Ugh you guys I know that Im gaining weight. It's so bad. I am ALWAYS hungry, so I take advantage of it at our lunches. HA the other day Elder Oliver was like "Sister Lipps, I dont know how you are still eating?! It's impressive" so end of story: I AM SUZY.
Oh I also made the best smoothie ive ever made in my life the other day. 1 frozen banana+1/2 a brazilian orange (idk what it is, it's green)+1/2 cup of chopped up mango+1 tbsp of honey. I recreated it 4 times this week for dinner because it was so good.
News, I have a new companheira! Sister Saavedra, from Peru, she has 6 months in the mission, and she is such a doll. Like literally, she's so tiny. She's a little Peruvian doll. Every asks us how we manage to communicate because she speaks Spanish and I speak english and we are both pretty new, but its DOM DE LINGUAS PEOPLE. The gift of tongues kicked in so hard for me this week, I've improved so much and can understand 94% of everything, and instantly lost all my fear to mess up when i speak so GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING. I also learned what Ive always known about myself, which is that I thrive when Im in a position of responsibility. Just because Sister Saavedra doesnt know the area or our investigators, I think for that reason alone Ive improved so much.
The work has been tough, we get rejected more than accepted, but its just part of the job. I love the people here! BEING A MISSIONARY ROCKS.
Estudo Adicional para voces:
Matthew 14:25-31, When we need help, we just have to call out, and Christ will ALWAYS immdiately extend his hand to us.
Luke 10:38-42. Choose the good part! Our spiritual priorities MUST come before all else.

"of the things that matter most" President Uchtdorf. It's Uchtdorf so obvi he killed it
"The Resurrection of Jesus Christ" Elder Christofferson PLUS 1 Corinthians chapter 15. Literally you will read those two and there is NO way that it cannot be true.
I love you all and want you all to have the joy that I feel and the confirmation of the gospel and feeling God's hand in my life every day! Being a missionary rocks.
Sister Smoothie Master Lipps
Pictures: My old district. goofballs
It's not a baptism, but we reactivated him!
Sister Saavedra and I during our study! Her notebook matches her, because she's so tiny tiny 

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