Monday, February 15, 2016

That one time my investigator leaned over and woke me up in church

Oi Querido Familia!

Fun fact, Presidente Parrela always starts his talks or anything he says with "Queridos elderes e sisteres" but jokes on him because he's the querido!! (querido=dear). (not the animal). Seriously him and is wife are so sweet, I love them.

SO YEAH I FELL ASLEEP DURING STAKE CONFERENCE ahhhhh it was only for like 15 seconds and then ou investigator Laisla leaned over and said "Sister Lipps! You fell asleep!" HAHA does that make me a bad missionaria. NO. It just makes me a tired one. 

I've been striving so hard this week to make EVERY hour count in my time here. 18 months sounds like alot, but it is so short considering all the work there is to be done here! I have a feeling the next 14 1/2 months are going to FLY by and I am determined to have no regrets about how hard I worked or how many people I talked to or that I should have ran more all over my area to make it to our teaching appointments in time so that we could have more lessons in a day. BUT one thing I'm stuggling with is the members in our ward. The problem is just that they LOVE the missionaries so much, and are accustomed to having missionaries vist them alot, hang out, make lasting friendships, and those are all good things, but they don't understand that that is not neccessarily our purpose. And then they get hurt because we dont come by and visit all of them every week, and then I feel bad that they don't like us anymore, but I want every hour of my time to be used wisely, and Im just trying to find a balance here. Its a tricky situation. 

Remember that ex-voodoo priest I told y'all about? He's getting baptized this Saturday! We are so excited! It will be my first baptism of an investigator that I really helped find and teach! AH pictures and stories to come next week. His kids arent going to be baptized yet, because we really want them to be converted, and not just let them get baptized because they think it'd be cool and their dad is doing it. But we're going to work alot with them to develop personal testemonies! 

We had splits this week with the Sister Training Leaders, and I was with Sister Moss, so it was my first time "having" an american companion! We both still dont have perfect accents yet, so a few people had trouble understanding every thing we said. It was so funny, this one investigator of theirs was like "Oh brother, TWO AMERICANS? Yeah Im not gonna understand anything" Hahahaha so thats life as an american missionary in a foreign country.

Yesterday we found a new family that we started teaching, and we told aout baptism by PROPER authority, the priesthood, so that that is sealed on earth is also sealed in heaven, and then invited them to pray to know if they need to be baptized by this authority, and we were explaining how to receive answers to prayer, and the husband stopped us, turned to his wife and said "Wait, Honey, they're right!! Our baptism didnt count! That dude didnt have the authority!! We have to be baptized again!!" hahaha and we were like "YAAAAAAAAAAAS EXACTLY" and now that I write it i feel like it might not be funny to people that arent missionaries but it was hilarious and we were all laughing. and then we still invited him to pray about it and he was like "Dont i already have my answer?!" LOLS 

Being a missionary still rocks. Even though I fall asleep in church sometimes, I'm still ridiculously happy, it doesnt even make sense. 

John 3:16
Helaman 10:4-5
2 Timothy 1:7-8
"Ask the missionaries! They can help!" Russell M. Nelson

I love you all to brazil and back!


Amor amor amor,

Sister Lipps 

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