Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Survived My First Reaping #transfers

Ola pessoas que eu amo,

That's right folks, I've officially finished my first transfer here in the field! The good news is that I dont have to pack all the stuff I brought (which is a significant amount) and move, because I am staying here in Parque Pinheiro. The bad news is that Sister Chaves is being transferred and Im freaking out that Im going to lose all of our investigators without her because they love her and I cant manage to really have conversations with them yet so thats cool. 

The best thing of this week was all the progress we've been having with A FAMILY! A WHOLE FAMILY GUYS. They should all be baptized soon, they all really have the desire and our striving to do everything they can to prepare. They rock. The dad, Juarez, quit smoking in ONE WEEK! We made goals with him about how many he can smoke each day, and the other day we went to follow up and he just said "Oh yeah, I stopped already" WHAT, it was awesome. But we also found out that he used to be some voodoo priest church leader something or other and I don't really know any more details but I just hope that's all in the past.

Speaking of voodoo, I think our washing machine is possessed. This morning it was spinning so violently that it had moved itself 2 feet in our little laundry room. HA pray for us, boutta perform an exorcism up in here. 

So this week was really hard emotionally. This whole mission thing is all about emotional extremes and it's driving me crazy. Sister Chaves had me one morning write my first name on a piece of paper and then tear it up because I'm not Em anymore, I'm sister Lipps. I cried. I'm having an identity crisis. I spoke English with someone for 1 minute the other day and I didnt recognized my voice. Missions are weird. Everyone said that the first 3 months are the hardest, and Im about to make 3 months on the 4th, but Sister Chaves revealed to me that people mean 3 months in the field, not including the MTC, and I was like " U R KIDDING, I still have another transfer to not understand things and cry all too often?" #lyfe

In all my struggle with the language and everything, I've somehow decided that I want to learn Spanish while Im here too. I am doida. (dont know how doida translates in english, sorry) My new companion speaks Spanish so we will see!

Tarefa da semana:
The ministry of Angels, Elder Jeffrey R. Hollans
1 John ch 4
Mosiah 14: 3-4
Mosiah 24:13-14
Alma 13:27-29

Sister Lippies (how they say my name here)

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