Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm betrothed to an 80 year old man

Happy 4 months to me! I finish my training this week, and everyone keeps trying to freak me out telling me that im going to train this next transfer HA IM SCARED GUYS. but we'll see. Being a new missionary is like Manny from diary of a wimpy kid when he does bad things and then says "Im only 3" because i dont know what im doing still. Im only 4 months. 

Ok my subject line was kind of dramatic. Im just trying to catch attention, pull in more readers, using that rhetoric I learned in my AP Lang class. The story is that we met this 80 year old man, literally so precious, and the first lesson with him, he cried because he was talking about how lonely he's been since his wife passed away, so DUH i cried because Im emotional like that, and then at the end of our lesson I told him I liked the roses in his front yard, and then he got out some shears and gave me some and it was the sweetest. (And i went home and arranged them in a bowl and felt so at peace with my life. If i was a mission president, I would work in 30 minutes every day to arrange flowers because I love it so much and is the best destressor.)
So anyways, our next lesson he asked us if we could arrange him a new wife hahahahhaha. Love him. 

SURPRISE WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK. I didnt wanna tell yall last week because I did that once and I think I jinxed it. Laisla, the 12 year old that looks and acts like shes 18 haha. But yeah basically everything went perfect, and we all bore our testimonies at the end and the spirit was SO strong. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. FO REAL. OH and guess who baptized her??? FELIPE. MY NOW ACTIVE LESS ACTIVE THAT IS WORKING ON HIS MISSION PAPERS AND ALSO NOW OUR WARD MISSION LEADER. AH, so many good things. 

My english is awful. I can write and think it english, but coming from my lips, just doesnt work. I was practicing with a Brazilian Elder because hes learning, and hes actually really really good, but yeah its bad. 

It got cold this week! So I guess thats eventful huh

ADVICE REQUESTED: How do I coordinate lessons and lunches and everything with all our investigators and members when they are never home and we dont have time to check every hour to walk by their house and we only get 100 minutes per month on our cell phone. HOW. 3 minutes a day is NOT ENOUGH. Its been stressin me all week 

We went last night to the house of the family that I talked about last week, that is literally always fighting, and found the 10 year old brother locked in a room tied up with his clothes. WHAT. It took 10 minutes before we finally got his older sisters to spill who did it. We were trying to teach, yeah know, but the spirit was just not there so we were about to leave, but I finally convinced them all to come into the same room to say a prayer, and i went to go get the 10 year old from his room, because he was in there crying, and I saw that he had made an envelope and decorated it and put it on his wall that said "Envelope for letters from Sister Lipps" (last week I wrote them all little notes) and my heart exploded and all the impatience left me and I knew that there was no way I could abandon this family or these kids or let Satan get the best of them. So we each went around in a circle, kneeling in their front room, and said a prayer. And it was still kind of tense between siblings but really guys, prayer works wonders. 

My challenge this week is that everyone says their prayers as a family EVERY NIGHT before going to bed. And EVERY MONDAY has a family home evening. It seems like something so little, that we dont realize how big of a difference it makes. 

Outro Estudo Adicional:
Alma 36
The introduction of the Book of Mormon :)

Sister Lipps 

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