Monday, April 25, 2016


lols didnt have time to plan an email, but im alive, and imma just attach some pictures, aight?

1. We ordered zone t-shirts! an elder in my district drew them! hehehe guess which one is me (hint: everyone calls me barbie

2. I made sister condeña celebrate her 8 month mission mark even though she thought it was ridiculous WOOHOO for being an annoying companion!!

3. A pretty solid picture-description of my area in São Gabriel. It has to be the most CHILL place in all of brazil. Its just surrounded by miles of fields and trees and horses and cows and its super beautiful

4. ME AND MY BEST FRIENDS. Ugh I love these little girls

5. Us and our rapaz that were making him to vists with us because were going to turn him into a little missionary hehe 

And these next pictures are all going to be an activity and our branch president, who works in a bakery, taught us how to make "sonhos" which are basically just donuts and I ate 9 of them I think...........

ANYWAYS, nothing really happened this week except for ridiculous thunderstorms that keep people from coming to church on sunday..............but hey, life is good, at this point 3/4 of my dreams at night are in portuguese so thats a success!

AAAAAAND my reading assingment for y'all is the family, proclamation to the world! Because I love my family at home and I love my family here and we could all use a little reminder of what this life is all about. Preparing for our eternal life WITH our families!

Sister Lippsie 
(thats what my 4 year old best friend Manuela calls me and its the cutest thing in the whole world)


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  1. Dear Em,
    Love the pictures and love the T-shirt! Keep you smile "ON" and you will
    win everyone over!
    Love & hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis