Friday, August 5, 2016

If one more person tells me i look like im 15, im going to flip a brick

Usually the conversation goes like this: "wow how did your mom let you leave home for so long to come to a different country?"
"oh well she knows how important the work im doing is, and supported my decision!"
"but, youre so young"
"i turn 20 in setember"
"oh, your face looks 15"
"OH COOL" "wanna come to church sunday or what?"

brief summary of the week: everyone and their mother was asking us for marriage advice. I was like "bruh I dont know, but read this article that the prophet wrote"

weird fact: I dont really cry anymore. People who know me, know that im a cryer, with everything. But I think having so many people crying to us everyday about their problems, Heavenly Father turned me into a tough nut so I could bear it all and be emotional stable enough to help them.

We have a less active who has SERIOUS financial troubles. Her house is a tiny wood shack, and shes had a month without light or water because she cant work because she's 70 and has alot of back problems. This week she told us she qualified for help from the government and will start getting an income to pay some of her bills!!!!!!!! but then she said "girls, im going to need your guys help with something" and we sais "what is it?" and she said "can you teach me how to fill out the tithing slip when i get my money?" and then i almost did cry because her faith is so strong. UGH I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE. 

Homework this week: In praise of those who save- Presidente uchtdorf
Its the talk im using to help all these people help their families haha

Love, Sister Lipps 


one of our activities this week at the church!

We made cute little cards to leave for the members after lunch :)

I love sister carriel so much because our weirdness really clicks 

another family home evening with investigators!!

Sunday morning, going to be annoying and wake people up for church :) 

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