Friday, August 5, 2016

Things I lost this week: half of my mission, my daily planner, my cool

Everything thats happening in my life right now can be explained by Jacob 7:26
"the time passed away with us, and also ourlives passed away like as it were unto us dream" 

My mission and my days are passing so fast, as if they were dreams. I have dreams sometimes that Im home and in my dreams all I want to do is come back to Brasil. True story;
This week my newborn arrives! (aka I complete 9 months) Pictures to come next week....

Im the least organized person with the greatest desire to be organized, so I HAVE to write EVERYTHING down in my planner or else i will forget it ALL, and then this week we were in uruguinana on exchanges and I FORGOT MY PLANNER THERE and i almost cried/started questioning my whole life because I cant function without my planner. So that was interesting. This week the sisters are going to send it to me, so until then im kind of coping. 

I LOST MY COOL IN A LESSON SO HARD YESTERDAY. Seriously, usually Im pretty good and trying to be patient and stay calm when people reject everything I believe in, but YESTERDAY we had a lesson with this 20 year old guy we met, and it wasnt going very good just because he kind of wanted to tell us the whole time why the igreja de graça is perfect and whatever. BUT I have ridiculous trust in the power of the scripture Moroni 10:3-5 to bring the spirit and invite them to pray and if they pray I KNOW THEYLL GET AN ANSWER. So the whole time I was just thinking "okay we just need to get to the book of mormon, lets get to moroni and he´ll be humbled and itll all be good" and then we got to the part of the lesson, and I read him this scripture and it was AWESOME until I asked him what he understood and he said "God is god" or something like that that didnt have anything to do with it, and i said "Okay yeah buddy thats true,but ACTUALLY this scripture invites us to pray. do ou want me to read it again?" and he said "no, it didnt even pray attention the first time because I dont believe in anything it says in that book of the mormons" 

OH YOU GUYS, SOMETHING HIT ME IN THAT MOMENT, AND IT WASNT PATIENCE. I literally could FEEL the anger rush through my whole body and heat up my face because I could believe he said that and didnt even listen to the scripture, and I pretty much exploded and said/yelled "OH REALLY? YOU THINK PRAYER IS A LIE? BECAUSE THIS SCRIPTURE SAYS WE NEED TO PRAY, I DIDNT KNOW YOU DIDNT BELIEVE IN THAT" and then he said "oh whoa okay obnviously prayer is important" and i was like "YEAH OBVIOUSLY IT IS AND OBVIOUSLY ITS TRUE AND OBVIOUSLY YOU NEED TO STOP DENYING GOD AND DENYING THIS BOOK YOUVE NEVER EVEN READ" and then i said very loudly some other things I dont remember in the heat (literally) of the moment and at the end looked at sister carriel and said "ok im done, you can finish talking to him now" 

and the funniest part was that we were with a member, a 17 year old girl from our ward, and she kind of burned him too. But hey, it was a learning experience.And I think thats the most angry ive ever gotten with one person in one moment in my entire life. Amen.

The best part of the week was my personal study this morning and I found an article in the Liahona called "being weak is not a sin" and it was WRITTEN EXACTLY FOR ME. Seriously, I had all this confusion because of all my weaknesses and had convinced myself that I was done for because Im not a perfect person, and this article completely calmed my heart and answered all my questions and now I know that we dont have to repent for our imperfections, we rely on gods grace to be humble and faithful and be bette everyday! (so everyone go read it, april 2015 liahona)


SISTER lippsies

Family home evening
district meeting 
me and sister gibson!
all the sisters in urugiana
my dinner lol
me and this dog that looks SO MEAN but is the chillest ever
heart lollipops :) 

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  1. Dear Em,
    Love the stories and the pic's and with everyone of your smiles!
    Stay strong and sweet!
    Love and hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis