Tuesday, July 19, 2016

*raining outside* *wind feels like knives* *got rejected 7 times in a row* *starts singing "i hope they call me on a mission" crying*

yesterday on the phone with our District Leader
Him: Ola sisteres! como foi a semana de vocês?
Hello sisters ! How was your week?
Me: Foi boa! 
Was good!
Him: Foi mesmo?
Really was?
Me: Sim! Porque se eu falar que foi ruim, Satanás ganha...........
Yes! Because if I say it was bad, Satan wins ...........
Hey, everyone has rough weeks. Lol last night EVERYTHING fell through, and we walked around in the cold at 8 at night looking for houses with the smell of "love, compassion, and tea and crackers"
AAAAAAAAAAAAND i already ran out of time. but here are some pictures:
last moments with Sister Neves! We had a family night and it was AWESOME and we made pizza and I drank coca cola for the first time in 9 months.
MY NEW COMP SISTER CARRIEL! She is AWESOME! We get along so so so well. its a hoot. I love it
We had a baptism!! Actually it was in the ward of our Zone leaders, but the guy used to be in our ward and moved 2 weeks ago so it was kind of our baptism too.

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  1. Dear Em,
    Glad to hear that you made it through a rough week, still smiling! Love the pic's! Keep up the good work, but save some time for fun.
    Love & hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis