Wednesday, July 6, 2016


HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! I woke up and started singing the star-spangled banner for sister neves and she said "please stop" #AMERICA. im wearing red white and blue and ate a hamburger for lunch so im about american as you can get in Alegrete, Rio grande do sul, Brasil.

ALSO today im 8 months old. I DONT BELIEVE HOW FAST THIS IS GOING. also i dont believe that after 8 months in this freaking country, i still have moments with portuguese when im like "wait what the heck is going on? what are you saying? sister neves please fill me in" lol @ this life. 

OKAY SO OUR ADOPT AN INVESTIGATOR THING WAS A BIG HIT. and my that i mean we have low expectations due to past failures and we thought no one would do anything, but like half the people actually visiting their "children" we gave them!!!! WOOHOO. Actually it was really awesome having the members telling us about the visits they did and how they were so courageous to go out and find this person theyd never met to read the Book of Mormon with them and invite them to church and I was so proud of them because everyone was like "have you visited your kid yet? My kid is coming to church this week!" #proudmomma.

So the crappiness of last week got made up for because we were BLESSED with 8 investigators at church on sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i bore my testimony and in summary said, "im happy the church is true amen" and it was a GOOD day! ALSO my prayers were answered literally because we had 4 days this week that it was actually warm and not raining!!! i didnt even have to use tights!! I was so blessed. For reals.

Fun fact: we have a less active that we found and he's 70 and he came to church this sunday and he is so precious, and every time he prays he starts out with "Good afternoon my heavenly father" AND ITS SO PRECIOUS. I love it.

 OKAY SO we have this family that we are working with, Isaac and Glaucia and their two sons, and it is going AWESOME! We found her knocking doors, and she was super stressed and said basically "my kid is sick, i dont have time for this" and we said "PLEASE LET US HELP!" and after some persuasion she let us in and we went at it and cleaned her entire house for an hour and talked her her about her life; We found out that she had moved here 5 months ago because her husband is in the army, and they dont know anyone and dont go to any church but shes always relied on God in her life. So  its kind of a long story, but in summary we left that day just saying a prayer, and we came back the next day with a member, and a few days later she TOTALLY had a spiritual experience and knew that the Book of Mormon was true, and they husband was super shut off, but we introduced them to people and took them to activities and THEY CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY and they are saying prayers as a family and her husband is gaining a testimony and she told us she never felt this desire to get to know a church un til she met us and basically IT IS PERFECT (except the fact that they are not legally married yet....................)
And yesterday after the fast and testimony meeting she said "if i went up there to bear my testimony, i would talk about this...." and bore her testimony to us about all the changes happe ning in her life, for the better, since she started meeting with us. SO basically they are so prepared and a blessing from on high.

My message for y'all this week is about bearing your testimony, because we all gotta do it and if not were going to lose it!!!! 



pics: The son of our ward mission leader is going on a mission this week to argentina!! We gave him a present and went yesterday to say a prayer with their family and it was super special and reminded me of my departure and we all cried. 

Family home evening with investigators!

Our district!! love those guys

Me and sister neves were super legit and made lunch one day when ours fell through.
(lol another day our lunch fell through and we went to a members house and read them Alma 8:19 and they let us eat with us hahahahaha every missionary has to use that scripture) 
going to find people sunday morning!

happy 8 months to me!

my american lunch hehe

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  1. Dear Em,
    We missed you 4th of July!! You were the only one missing! Keep your light shining and your people will follow.
    Love & hugs, Grandpa & Phyllis