Monday, June 27, 2016


"Sister, let's pray for patience, because if we pray for strength, I'm going to hit someone"- a one sentence summary of our week. 


Here's the thing: everyone in this city has depression. EVERYONE. I personally believe its because of the cold and because they dont have a movie theater, but thats just my opinion. But really, we just deal with alot of sad people and sometimes I feel it rubbing off on me and have to think "STOP AND BE HAPPY SO THESE PEOPLE CAN BE HAPPY TOO"

okay Im just going to summarize some of the good points this week:

Sister Neves and i had A REALLY GOOD IDEA to make the members not be so lazy and get them PUMPED about missionary work!! We basically made up our own visiting teaching program but with our investigators and the members but were making it an "ADOPT AND INVESTIGATOR" and basically we ran around church on sunday giving all the members pieces of paper with one of our investigators or less actives and yelling "CONGRATS YOU HAVE A KID! ITS A GIRL! SHE'S 30 AND LIVES ON SUCH AND SUCH STREET! TAKE CARE OF HER!" and it was pretty awesome so we'll see if these people actually take care of the kids we gave them haha. 

On Sunday morning we were running around trying to bring our investigators to church (no one came btw............................) but we ran into a 17 year old girl in our ward and she was also running around trying to bring her friends and some of our investigators that she knows and it was super funny and we were so proud of her.

AT church I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting about missionary work and rescuing lost sheep and all that, and the WHOLE TIME sister neves was sitting in the back row making hearts with her hands and making kissy faces at me HAHAHA i couldnt even look at her, I love my companion. 

We have a family of a mom and her two daughters that we are working ALOT with and they'll probably be baptized sometime to July, because they're not ready yet so we dont want to throw them in the font just for fun ya know. We had an awesome lesson/FHE with them yesterday and they had other non member friends there so we talked about the book of mormon, and I asked the 8 year old girl Raqueley "what is the book of mormon?" and she yelled "TRUE!" hahahahahaha it was so perfect. i love her.
We also talked with the mom, Kelly, about how she can really receive a solid answer that the BOM is true, and it strengthened my testimony of prayer, but not just prya but SEARCH, PONDER, PRAY, AND LISTEN. We invited them all to find a quiet moment in their day to really read, and really pray, and after just listen, find some time to search for peace and invite the Spirit to enter into your mind and your heart. SO in summary, it was super great and totally what they were needing.

We had a movie night this week in the church building, and we were sitting in their with our investigators when the 6 year old daughter of out ward mission leader ran in and said "SISTERS! COME HERE! DAD'S TALKING WITH SOME GUY THAT BELIEVES IN THE GOSPEL!" so obviously we were like "NOBODY MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!" lol and then we went and started talking with this guy that isnt active in the church and has alot o problems and we had a really spiritual lesson with him talking about repentance and we all cried.

Yesterday we had another lesson with him and I started talking about the difference between testimony and conversion, and i read alma 23:6-8, when the lamanites were baptized, and it says that those of them that layed down ALL their weapons of rebellion, as to not fight anymore against God, were the ones who were truly converted. After I explained that, this guy were teaching looked me straight in the eye, and said "So, what are your weapons of rebellion?" BOOM. SPIRITUAL PRICECHECK. 

We all have things that are holding us back from being truly converted to the Lord, be in pride, stubborness, laziness, selfishness (all of which are some of my weapons). But step by step, we can really overcome these weakness and give our whole soul unto Him! And the first step is recognzing it!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY, even on the pretty sucky weeks lol.

SIster Lipps 
also i just remembered that one night this week sister neves woke up at 1 am and said "sister, SISTER!! do you think im robbing god because im not paying enough with my fast offering?" 

just a good glimpse into life as a missionary....................
When you let a 9 year old do your makeup and she makes you straight up barbie

Mini waterfall! the only up side to all this stupid rain

COOKIE DOUGH! i teach everyone here how to make cookies lol. also they thought I was crazy because i was eating the raw dough, and then Raqueley took a piece of the dough to eat and said "LOOK IM AMERICAN!" hahaha #VERDADE 

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