Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm such a lazy person

im such a lazy person.
my problem is that I really like to READ emails instead of write them. but we'll see what cool things I can make up to tell you guys lol.

Sister Neves and I this week are having a problem and the problem is that THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE HERE THAT PREACH BLASPHEMEY. hahahaha our weekly goal is "dont argue with people that teach apostasy". as my testimony has gotten stronger, and my portuguese better, its just getting harder to not call people out when they try to tell us false doctrines and all that crap. highlight of this week was someone telling us "jesus christ doesnt have a body"???????????? brb praying for patience because if i pray for strength ill end up hitting someone (jk) (kind of)

We are getting alot of new investigators and teaching more than ever before, but still our baptismal propsects are looking so so small. BUT we make goals to show our faith and and the end of the day we look at what we did to count our blessings :) weve started the good habit of talking with EVERYONE on the street! even when were late for something (which we always are) we try to use 30 seconds to invite someone to learn more about the gospel! 

Ive come to appreciate SO much our living prophet and apostles. THE LIAHONA (MAGAZINE) IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE UNIVERSE!
i was studying an article about fathers, and how God is our perfect father. At times we open the box of life and get so confused and frustrated because we see so many little parts and big parts and dont know how it all fits together. But God loves us, he wants us to be successful, and he gave us the INSTRUCTIONS! Prayer, the scriptures, the words of the living prophets, they are all that "random" little white packet of directions that no one really reads as they should. He didnt send us here alone! He doesnt want us to be frustrated! Im grateful for a loving Heavenly Father (and an awesome earthly father, shout out to my pops) who gives us so many tools for success and happiness. 


Sista Lipps 


us being super housewifey and making pizza and wearing turtlenecks

Noite familiar and i taught them how to make cookies!

it was the birthday of our little investigator yesterday so we gave her chocolate and took a pic outside of the church building! 

impromptu photoshoot in the street lol 

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  1. Dear Em,
    So glad you are still enjoying the ministry.
    Keep up the good works and great smile!
    Love & hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis