Monday, June 6, 2016

hey hey heyyyyyyyy

So this week was pretty cray cray because of transfers and everything but IM SO HAPPY I REALLY LIKE BEING A MISSIONARY ITS KINDA RIDICULOUS.

Estou na santa terra de ALEGRETE! Im just this week getting to know the area, getting to know everyone here, including my companion lol. Sister Neves is from MANAUS so thatsd pretty legit because its straight amazon all up in there. She has 4 1/2 months on the mission, but shes a POWERFUL missionary, she's so awesome!! She's kind of a big dork but she's hilarious and sometimes tells me what to do because her personality is like that but I just let her always get her opinion out and then we decide together what we're going to do and it works out just grande! We live by ourselves because were the only sisters in our zone, so that's kind of lame but we make the best of it by being weirdos and jumping up and down in the morning to get eachother pumped! Lol yesterday we accidentally flooded the apartment (well it wasnt us, it was the toilet) SO THAT WAS FUN But we got it all sorted out so yeah thats life.

The people here are REALLY COLD. (literally, its cold here), but yeah theyre a harsher group of people here, not every opens their door for us and it takes everything I have sometimes to not call people out on their blatant lies when we try to do contacts and they make up something, or reject us straight up. BUT IM BUILDING CHARACTER AMIRIGHT. Lol but were working REALLY HARD and managing to teach and yesterday we had a miracle sunday because we had SIX INVESTIGATORS at church!!! (for those who dont know, thats a lot for me. most sundays in São Gabriel we had zero lol life is rough) SO were already super duper blessed.

We had our mission conference this week and it was the last conference of Presidente and SIster Parrela because theyre leaving this month to go home! So it was pretty sentimental but SUPER spiritual. Presidente talked to us alot of happiness, and the difference between being happy in every moment, and being a happy person. Its not possible for us to be happy ALL the time, because thats just life and emotions and its hard. But, we can CHOOSE to live happily every day! It was super awesome, everyone read 2 Nephi 5:27, everyone CHOOSE to be happy.

I love you all, sorry its kind of short this week, my email time was interrupted by a phone call from PRESIDENTE PARRELA, which is heart attack in a box but im alive, he didnt yell at me, were all good!!

sister lipps

Pictures from our mission conference, and i got to see me beloved Sister Barbosa, my bff from the CTM.

 Pictures from last week:

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  1. Dear Em,
    Great pic's as always! Your smile outshines them all!
    Keep loving what you are doing and enjoy the ride!
    Love & hugs, Grandpa & Phyllis