Monday, July 11, 2016

im sitting in this lan house thinking about how hungry i am

this internet is being super sucky right now, so forward apologies for the brevity of this email

Okay so transfers came out this week and I survived but Sister Neves didnt :( we are currently mourning. My new comp gets here tomorrow! And itll be kind of weird I think because she has 6 more months than me, but Im going to be the Senior still. talk about an awkward turtle amiright.
So lots of things happened this week and I already ran out of time to tell them all, but we had the visit of our new mission presidente and his wife! Presidente and Sister Louza! They are super sweet and already seem SO different from Presidente and Sister Parrela. For example:
Sister Parrela: "milk and bread are from the devil and will give you bacteria. Just eat lime and itll solve all your problems"
Sister Louza: "Eat whatever you ate at home, just try not to eat pizza and xis every day" #LIBERDADE
Hahaha all jokes aside, I think theyre going to be super awesome and very loved here!
I had a REALLY awesome personal study today about Faith, and how we can really build a foundation of faith in our lives. Its like it says in ether 12:6, we arent going to have this UNBREAKABLE, UNSHAKABLE  testimony, if we dont have a TRIAL of our faith. Everyone read the talks "mountains to climb" and "faith is not by chance, but by choice" :)
Sista Em Lippsies
a one foto summary of why Im going to miss sister neves so much. HAHA shes a crack up. I love foot rubs.
a bunch of pictures from our conference! I love my zone. Its cool being the only sisters because it automatically makes you the favorite sisters of the zone. true life 

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