Wednesday, February 15, 2017

taking care of my newborn

TRAINING IS THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!! everyone always told me its the worst thing to train when you are finishing your mission because you're not focused and you're tired, but that was a bunch of lies because I LOVE IT!! Its making me feeling like I am learning everything all over again, and I am so busy being worried about my companion and trying to teach her every second of every day, that I feel mroe focused on missionary work then ever! Going home? QUE NADA.

It also helps that my companion is literally an angel. She came to the mission SO prepared, and so willing to learn everything, its been a breeze. Her name is Sister Freire, she is 19 and from São Paulo! (her accent is so cute, I die) (she probably thinks the same thing about me haha). But really, she is amazing, and answer to my prayers, we get along SUPER GREAT and i hope i can stay with their until the end to finish all her training!

Also Heavenly Father blessed me alot, because I kind of had a hard time accepting the fact that I was going to stay in Uruguaiana forever, but we havnt gotten lost in our new area (yet) and we have already (in 3 days) found 5 new investigators with a lot of potencial. SO okay if no one came to church (yet), whats important is that we are on fire and we are going to remain happy and positive and full of energy all day every day :)

other thing: Everyone in the ward has already started calling me "alice" from alice in wonderland because on sunday i curled my hair and used a blue ribbon hahahaha. This 5 year old boy ran and sat next to me and said "wow you are so pretty, like a beautiful princess, im going to give you a kiss" and then he kissed my cheek and i almost died. and at the end of sacrament meeting, his mom came to get him and he started crying and said "NO, I WANT TO STAY HERE WITH ALICE" AHHHHH my life is so funny.

OTHER OTHER THING: I went to santa maria on tuesday, picked up sister freire wednesday, and we had to catch the bus thursday at 12:30. But due to the fact that we lost the keys of our apartment for a few minutes, we ran REALLY LATE and got to the bus station (after asking a taxi to frive 60 in a 25 zone) at 12:32, without our bags that got mixed up in another taxi with some other sisters, and in conclusion, we spent 5 minutes sprinting inside of the bus station trying to buy our tickets, get our right bags, get to the right bus, and basically sister freire with never ever forget her first real day with me as a trainer. 

Other things i learned this week:


So just pray about the little little littlest things and you all will see little miracles too :) 
Talk to read: "improving our prayers" by joseph b. wirthlin.

Okay i love y'all!

sister alice 

1. Meeting my daughter!!!! (sister freire)

2. Me and elder campos freaking out because we only have TWO transfers left

3. HAHAHA I love sister Bahmad, we were comps for like 20 hours waiting to pick up our new comps

4. Sister Freire's first sunday! 

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