Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"I am very grace for grateful"

^yes, the subject header is a real quote from my talk yesterday about grace in sacrament meeting. So you could pretty much say that I NAILED IT.

Update: due to that 5 year old boy in our ward that is probably my boyfriend who thinks i am alice in wonderland, most of the members actually think that my first name is alice now. HA sometimes I think its funnier that way, so I dont correct them. And in a few months they'll try to find me on Facebook as "alice lipps" and I will think its funny.

Everyone says that when you only have 2 months left on the mission, you started to get worn out, BUT THAT IS A LIE! I havent had more energy in my whole mission than i have right now, I wake up BEFORE our alarm goes off because Im not tired anymore, and its been over a month since ive accidently fallen asleep in a lesson. WOOHOO FOR BLESSINGS!

We had a "Master Chef" activity in our ward, so I decided to participate and I made banana bread. HA i lost so hard. I thought it was good, but everyone else made pizza and chocolate cake, so was it really a fair fight? also we are poor and i only made banana bread because my bananas were almost rotting, cool right?

Other events: We had our zone conference this week and Presidente Louza called us all to repentance because of our work with members, and it was great because this week we worked really hard to gain their confidence, gain the bishop´s trust, and now (our plan) they are all going to do visits with us and give us referalls!!

Love you all,
Sister Lipps 

Our zone conference!!
Sister Bahmad and I (she goes home next month :( )
Me and minha filha wearing matching clothes because Im her trainer and I love color coordinating
Me and the assistants HA they are cool 
Me and my favorite family from Alegrete, Robinson and Tati! 


sister freire´s 1 month-aversary!

Our capeta wall (capeta=little devil, used with misbehaved children HA)

Me and my bombacha bermuda (didnt buy it though because it was too big) 

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  1. Dear Em,
    Love the photos as always! I'm so happy for you that you are leaving on a high note with energy to spare. We will be looking forward to you returning home, though. Keep up the excellent work. Love & hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis