Tuesday, December 20, 2016


HOLY COW this week was incredible!!!!!!! It made up for ALL the other crappy weeks I've had here in Uruguiana! Okay so Im going to list the miracles the happened this week, starting with the small ones and then the most important ones.

1. NO ONE HAD TO TRAVEL TO DO EXCHANGES! It was our first week in like 2 months that we were actually together everyday and we didnt have to walk back and forth to the bus station :)

2. On Monday, I finished reading the Book of Mormon! Oh, how I am SO grateful for everything he teaches me, especially about the Savior and his role in my life :) So on Tuesday, I started reading him again, but this time in Spanish! Its going super well, and its so amazing how God is giving us all the gift of tongues and helping us develop our talents!

3. TWO of our less active members came to church yesterday, and we didnt have to drag them, they got up themselves and went because they wanted to and it was seriously a miracle because this never happens, we always have to drag people out of bed and on their butts to go to church every week

4, FABI (FAB-EE) WAS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY AND CONFIRMED YESTERDAY!! Oh it was amazing to finally fill up a font here in uruguaiana, but she was SO HAPPY and bore her testimony after and her family (non-members) came to watch, which is a BIG thing because usually the families that arent members dont come to support and it just makes me mad, but this time it left me FELIZZZZZZZZZ! (aka, happy)

5. OKAY so backstory: remember that family of recent-converts that we are always with? So for about 7 months, the running joke of the family is that Roni (hoe-knee), the 19 year old son, never wanted to be baptized, even though hes already read the entire Book of Mormon, has a testimony, wakes up everyone for church on sundays, tells us that hes already saving money to serve a MISSION FOR PETE'S SAKE. so usually when we teach them, we trying to make it spiritual, but his sisters or his mom interrupt with "so are ya gonna get baptized or what?". hahahaha i love them. but on friday, we taught him without his family for the first time ever, and we just read a few scriptures about small and simple things, how to seek God, how to feel the spirit, and i dont even remember what else because it was just God putting things in my mouth ya know? At the end of the lesson, we said a kneeling prayer, and he said the most sincere prayer i had ever heard from him, and the spirit was SO strong, it was such a wonderful moment. After, his mom walked in and said "so did you guys convince him?" and we said "no, but I think the spirit will".

flash forward to last night, when he said the opening prayer in our lesson, and then super quietly said "I decided" and we all said "wait what decided what?" and he said "this friday is my baptism" HALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEJUAH oh my you guys we all BURST INTO TEARS OF HAPPINESS. He told us how he kept praying after we left that night, and how he finally got the confirmation he was seeking, and this friday, on his 20th birthday, hes going to be baptized :) 


I love being a missionary. I know that Christ lives, that He is the Redeemer, the Prince of Peace, Wonderful, the light of the world. 

Love, sister lipps

ps in 5 months ill show you guys a video of me trying to kill a cockroach with a broom in our apartment this week. you´ve been warned

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  1. Dear Em,
    So glad that the "crappiness" has passed. You are a strong warrior!
    Just keep pulling them out of bed and keep up the good work.
    Hope in 5 months you will be home, will be happy to see you!
    Wishing you and your friends a Merry Christmas and a very good New Year!
    Love & Hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis