Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

1. we made paper christmas countdown chains for all the sisters with an activty for us to do everday!
2-4. our zone conference with elder costa! Me and a few of the sisters, me and my arrival group :) 

THANKSGIVING!!!! WE ARE POOR SO WE DIDNT HAVE TURKEY BUT WE WINGED IT AND MADE MASHED POTATOES AND STUFFING :) and we made hand turkeys and wrote all the things we are grateful for 

1. 13 months! holla im old
2. me cleaning and trying not to barf 
3. my (very expensive due to brazilians import taxes.............) christmas package. thanks mom and dad!!!!
4. our daily challenge one day this week! feliz natal! 


not pictured: the video of us in the talent show singing our mission hymns in tune with the cup song, it was flippin sweet and everyone went crazy, and ill show y'all in 5 months

1 and 2. me with irmão nelson this week when i visited alegrete!!! i love this goofball
3. family home evening of the week!
4. miriam, roni, and bia with the nativity set that my mom made and sent! they loved it :)
5. me and the former elder cardoso, now marcelo, who returned from his mission last week from rio de janeiro and just so happens to me the former companion of my pal elder danneman :) SMALL WORLD AM I RIGHT? 


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