Monday, March 20, 2017

MISSIONS: where adversity becomes an adventure!

Quote that I found that basically summarizes everything that a mission is

"Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunities, trials become triumphs and adversity becomes an adventure in the service of the Lord"



pois é 

i was surprised too.

im going to santo angelo tomorrow!
so if someone wants to send me a letter my address is:

caixa postal 1021
centro- santo angelo- RS

so that was a shocker! but im coping about have to leave my daughter sister freire :( BUT itll all work out well! 

This week I passed my 40 day mark, so I decided to start a 40 day fast of some things I'm not going to do during my last 40 days so they can be the best 40 days ever! (things like complain when we get rejected, sing music of the world, ect) I also made a goal with the number of people im going to talk to about the gospel before I leave, and its helping me so much to literally open my mouth with everyone! it's gonna be awesome.

clip of the week:

us teaching a less active about forgiveness using alma 36. the lesson was going SO well, sister freire had talked about how jesus christ and take away our anger and hard feelings, and i went to talk "I know that the things that sister frei....*cough cough cough* *hacking cough* uhhhhh you guys i think i just swallowed a bug" A MOSQUITO LITERALLY FLEW INTO MY MOUTH! hahahahaha it was so gross, we all cried cried laughing.

So, after 7 1/2 month I am FINALLY getting out of this city, and not everyone we talked to listened to us, not everyone we invited came to church, and not everyone we taught was baptized. BUT a few listened, a few came, and a few souls were brought unto Christ, including mine :) It makes me reflect about the ministry of Christ, that not every blind saw, not every deaf heard, and not every lame walked, but with the few people he healed, he changed all of humanity.

I love the mission, love my savior, love y'all :)

love, sister lipps 

ps this computer is being lame and probably wont let me send pics, but next week i have some SWEET shots of CARNAVAL. (jk we didnt go) (but we did take a few pictures with the costumes)

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  1. Dear Em,
    Thinking of you in your last 5 weeks, it must be quite the roller coaster ride with having to move for just 5 weeks and then leave, but the part that's good about that is that you will be surrounded by family and friends when you return home. Looking forward, Love and Hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis