Friday, November 27, 2015

My Companheira and I sing excessively loud in the shower

Oi pessoas que eu amo!

Ill start off by saying that im halway done with my time here at the CTM in Sao Paulo! Im already anticipating how hard it is going to be to leave Sister Mcknight. We're the weird sisters that stay together all the time not just because we have to, but because we actually want to. We will genuinely wake up in the morning and say "i missed you while you were sleeping". Not in a weird way or anything.......

Happy Hunger Games this past Friday! I hope everyone goes to see it an extra time for me. Mcknight and i wore our hair in braids and mourned a little that day.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow too! Rumor has it that were having a nice thanksgiving lunch tomorrow and Friday were lighting Christmas lights up here! WOOHOO! FELIZ ALMOST NATAL!

SO heres a pretty basic summary of my day to day life here: wake up, study, eat, study, play volleyball, shower, eat, study, teach lesson, eat, study, teach lesson, study, sleep. (Sister Mcknight is making me add in that we take 20 trips to the bathroom. I drink so much water here, partially because i want to stay hydrated, but mainly because I just get bored in class and so i constantly sip on it hahah oops). We have two "investigators" we are teaching, so most of our time is lesson planning, but aside from meals ever hour im awake is spent in the classroom with my district, 6 elders and us 2 sisters. All day every day. I MISS GIRLS. BOYS ARE GROSS.

On  wednesdays, we wear pink. literally. Our whole district. believe it or not, it was our elder's idea hahaha. They wear pink ties and we wear pink skirts or shirts, and then we take freaking cute pictures. 

McKnight and I literally sing ALL the time. Seriously, in our classroom, walking around, in the shower (loudly). She's amazing at it and i just backup her glory. The other day we were doing service, sweeping and mopping this hallway, very loudly belting all the Disney princess songs we knew. It was a very "Enchanted" moment.

Ok so many other funny things happened this week and every week but I want to take a second to talk about my spiritual goal. BECOME MORE LIKE CHRIST. I want my investigators to look at me, to know me, and get to know Christ through me. Humility, charity, diligence, hope, all those good things and more. Moroni 10:32. There is no better way to become like Christ than to come to Christ.

Last night we had one of the best moments of my mission thus far, and it involved 8 missionaries sitting in a classroom, with tears streaming down every elder or sister's face as they bore testimony to each other of the truthfulness of this gospel. Seeing and 18 year old boy cry=so tender. Seeing 6 of them cry=SO TENDER. Im so grateful that as a missionary, i have angels all around me, to bear me up when i cannot bear much more. And i want to thank you all for being some of my angels too. 

Te Amo!
Sister Lipps

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