Monday, January 18, 2016

This week we had I think 8 investigators break up with us and it was so dumb. "it's not you guys, it's me" "sorry, there's someone else" "I just need some time to think" YEAH I'VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE'! Haha but yeah we just have to laugh instead of cry and remember to respect people's agency and try not to be Satan and force people, ya know?
Sister Chaves and the elders in our ward have starting joking that Im going to turn from Barbie to Suzy (the pudgy doll) because I'm always one of the last ones eating at our lunch appointments, but I'm sorry, I just get really really hungry so LAY OFF YA BIG JERKS. Just kidding. Kind of.
We had a lesson with the moms of one of the little girls that are obsessed with us, and the girl, Pietra, told her mom as I started talking "Mom can you understand her? She doesnt speak Portuguese, she speaks English" Hahaha so Sister Chaves and are certain that Pietra thinks that "English" is just really bad Portuguese with an accent.
I sneezed over 100 times this week. Not exaggerating. I think it was just allergies, but Sister Chaves and Sister Parrela ordered me to take a nap (so i didnt complain), and eat limes. Sister Parrela swears by limes, and i probably ate 7, and I literally think it didnt do anything, But i wont tell her that, because she's the mission president's wife HA.
On the few occasions I hear english coming out of my own mouth, it sounds so weird. I read a scripture in English the other day, and it didnt sound real. So that's where I'm at right now.
BEST moment of the week: We had a second lesson with this woman, Daniella, and out first lesson was 2 weeks ago and we could never find her after that and it seemed like she didnt want more because she kept pushing off our appointments. But we finally taught her again! We asked her if she prayed about what we taught the first time, the Restoration, and she said "Yeah, I read the pamphlet again, and I prayed, and I thought alot about it, and....when did you guys say you were holding a baptism again?" WHAT. That whole sentence is missionary gold. So end of story, we thought she was breaking up with us but now we're preparing her for baptism!!
Scriptures to study:
3 Nephi 17:5-7 (vs 5 makes me cry because the people cried)
Alma 23:6-8
James 4: 7-8
Moroni 7: 29-30, 37
Love Love Love,
Sister Avocado (because Im wearing my green dress today)
1. MY FIRST XIS. (procounced chiz hahah) it's like a hamburger, and about as close as I will get to in n out for a long time.
2. One of our less actives, this 20 year old guy, MADE US CAKE AND ICE CREAM to bring back to our apartment. WHAT A DOLL. We ate the entire cake ourselves. #SAVESUZY

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