Tuesday, May 17, 2016



As a missionary, I find myself with a ridiculous amount of time just walking and thinking to myself. Too much time. Whjich leads to weird ideas that I think are funny and usually I just think them to myself, but I guess today Ill share. 

If you know me, you know that I love Disneyland.

And if you have been reading all these emails, you know that I love being a missionary.

So today, Ill share why I think those two things are almost the same. so heres my list:

1. Before you leave, its all hype. Its all anyone can talk about. "hey im going on a mission!" "HEY NEXT WEEK IM GOING TO DISNEYLAND". You get pretty pumped up.

2. Part of the hype, you expect magical things to happen. You are going to become a princess and ride a float. You are going to baptize a whole nation. Then you get here and realize its just alot of WALKING.

3. Everyone who has ever been to Disneyland knows that you have to learn to work the system, the Fast Pass! And the fast pass to missionary is obviously, REFERRALS FROM MEMBERS. More succes, more happiness, more magic.

4. DONT GET LOST. ALWAYS HAVE A MAP. This one is pretty self explanatory.

5. The weather changes every day, but at least the food is amazingggggggggggggg

6. You learn to be SUPER patient, But the HIGHS make everything worth it!!

7. At the end of the day, you are so exhausted, but you still cant deny how good life is.

8. Everyone who goes, cant wait to go back.



a few other things that happened this week, other than me missing disneyland:

We had like 6 tea parties with old ladies, even with little cookies and mini spoons and fancy cups. Every one and their mother (literally) invites you over for tea. Im living my childhood dream.

Yesterday I gave a talk AND taught gospel principles for the second time, so Im pretty much on fire. even though the time flewwwww by. I was halfway through my talk when I got passed "the note" (the "youre out of time note) so I finished and then sat down and realized id talked for 20 minutes haha WHOOPS.

ELECTS. WE GOT TWO OF THEM. AHHHHH we were so blessed this week with two people SO ready for baptism being put into our path. It makes you realize how much missionary work is not about the missionary, but its us doing our best so that Gos trusts us enough to give us the oppourtinty to be HIS
(oops sent that early)

........HANDS it bring His children back to HIM.


EVERYONE BE OBEDIENT TO SHOW GOD HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HIM (one sentance summary of my 20 min talk from yesterday, lol)

Comin' at ya from the Happiest Place on earth, 

Sista Lipps


Sister Conde├▒a made fried rice and it was bomb.

Us walking around the city todayyy. oh yeah WARNING im letting a lady in our branch cut my hair tomorrow so brb praying it wont be ugly 

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