Wednesday, May 11, 2016

*finishes six months* *starts studying english again*

hay hay hay,

This week I finished the first THIRD of my mission??! How is that even possible, time is flyyingggggggg.
Yesterday I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to Skype my WONDERFUL family for an hour, and in that hour, it discovered I've literally forgotten how to speak English. I didnt expect it to be such a STRUGGLE, but boy oh boy I was struggling. HA the best parts was when other people in the house I was at tried to say something to me while I was skyping and I accidentally responded to them in English because I got so frazzled by the mix of languages and they just responded like "HUH?" Haaaaaaaaaaaaa so thats why I have to start studying english.

Also apologies to my fam because I definitely kept slipping portuguese words in there when I was talking to y'all.

Any buh jew, here are some of the events of the week:

We had a really solid lesson with this 35 year old single guy, and marked a date to come back and follow-up, and I asked him at the end if we could grab his phone number to coordinate (and because every time we forget to get someones number, we end up needing it. Thats just how it goes), and he responded "oh sorry I have a girlfriend, you know how it is" hahahaha WHAT I DIDNT WANT YOUR NUMBER LIKE THAT DUDE. I just didnt even know how to respond so I think i said "oh okay" and then we left.

We went on vacation this week!! or about as close to it as you get as a mission, we had a division with our sister training leaders so we got to take a 3 hour bus ride to Santa Maria! which sounds awful, but it was the best thing in the world because we slept on the bus.

Yesterday Sister Code├▒a tried to convice me that I had a fever, and I was like "wow its a good thing im so responsible and all and brought this thermometer from home to check my temperature!!" and I went and got my thermometer, only to realize I had already thrown away the box and didnt know how it worked...........I dont even know if its a ear thermometer or a tongue thermometer...............................SO YEAH end of story I couldnt check my temperature and I still dont know how that thermometer works. Its hard to be an adult without google on hand :-(

We have 2 investigators we found this week with a BUTT-TON of potencial!! We had a celestial lesson, and they told us that her husband/dad had passed away, and how worried they were about him, that he had sinned so much before he died and they didnt know if we would make it to heaven (insert all 4 of us crying), and we got to teach them about where people go after they day, and the opportunity they have to repent, and we have to do baptisms for them in the temple!! It was awesome. The gospel is awesome. Gosh this church is so true. 

My study today:
2 nephi 33:3- Nephi is ending his writings, and talks about how great was his wish to save his people, he never stopped praying for them, and at night, his pillow stayed wet with his tears because he was so worried about the salvation of this people and his family. WHY IS NEPHI SO AWESOME 
Moroni 10:3-5 (classic)

I love aaaaalllllllllllllllllllll you guys (lol i feel like im demi lovato giving a shout out to my fans)





1. My birthday! we ate xis
2. Our santa maria vacation with all the sistrers there!
3. We made mothers days presents for some of the ladies in our ward. Arent we so cute?


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  1. Dear Em,
    Such an experience you are living, these memories will serve you for a life-
    time. Love the pic's too!
    Love & hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis