Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sister Vera and I were SUPER blessed this week to find out that we'll be staying together for ANOTHER TRANSFER!!!!!!! so we'll have almost FIVE MONTHS together, which is incredibily rare, especially with sisters, so basically our love is eternal and other missionaries keep calling and congratulating us on our civil union <3 <3 <3

(for legal purposes, i feel i should point out that we are not actually getting married, its a joke)

BUT just to add to things, today we are going to buy fake wedding rings because guys and old men like to talk with us just because they think we're pretty, and at the end of a lesson they ask us if were single and we get SO annoyed hahaha so we just want to prevent more of that. 

and really nothing cool happened this week.......

we had a few miracles of having some less actives come to church so that was pretty sweet!

one thing we have started doing is have conferences with all the sisters we "take care of" before bed, and we give a spiritual thought and say a pray together, and it is being REALLY special for us to have more moments teaching and more spiritual time in our house and with sisters in other cities too! this week we talked about personal conversion, how we are our PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR. even if we left our mission with ZERO baptisms, if we are personally converted to the savior, our mission will be a SUCCESS! we all want to "change the world, change lives" but if the only life we change is our own, IT IS OKAY!!

so I'm changing my life and i love it :)



sister vera's birthday!!!!

our last zone picture before transfers!

i made her birthday jello like a good companion :)

SEE THAT STRIP OF LAND IN THE BACKGROUND? ARGENTINA! we arent allowed to pass the bridge (obvio) but i picture is just as good! 

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  1. Dear Em,
    For some reason I have missed seeing you for several months on Facebook and your blog. But I'm seeing you now, so continued good wishes and great memories. What will you have for Thanksgiving? We will miss you! Love & hugs, Grandpa and Phyllis