Tuesday, November 1, 2016

my life is super normal

Nothing super outstanding happened this week..........

We did exchanges

We taught the gospel

We got rejected

We got rained on the first half of the week, and sunburnt the second

We had a few miracles bringing our investigators to stake conference

We walked SO much, it was ridiculous

We studied the scriptures

We ate XIS

We ate CHURRASCO (brazilian barbeque, aka meat meat meat)

We found and taught a few ELECTS of God

We accidentally taught INSIDE of another church because our investigator lives there (but doesnt believe in it, its his grandparents church) and it was dark outside so they invited us in and we couldnt really say no so I just said in my head "HF I know what it says in our missionary manual, but please forgive me"

AAAAAAAAAAAND that is all for now.

Im sups tired.

I havent written in my journal in 2 weeks because i havent had time and it is killing me. 

BUT HEY I know that Christ lives and he is our Savior and nothing good ever happened without someone's hard work and sacrifice, so Im just trying to follow his example everyday as much as I can! 

Love y'all!

Sister Lipps

Classic exchange picture

We decided to be adorable and match with our recent convert family (and the 18 year old boy old us last night that hes decided to be baptized too, woohoo!) 

Us and our parents (aka Presidente and Sister Louza) 

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